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Lovely Muco
Lovely Muco
Lovely Muco

About Me:


Hi there! Welcome to Moves like Awad, a blog where I record my musings on anime, games, adulting and my kawaii* life! I'm Mary and I want to thank you for deciding to come on my life journey with me!

This blog was a long time in the making. I always wanted to have one but, after graduating college, didn't have any inspiration. I was drained; I needed time to put my new adult life together. With the constant encouragement/pestering of my Laser Girl sister and the amazingness of Persona 5, I decided to finally take the plunge! This is my kawaii life and I'm so happy to be living it.

Life can be tricky when you're 28, a huge anime fan, amateur streamer, mediocre musician, mochi ice cream enthusiast and lover of life, but if life was too easy, it'd be boring. I'm looking forward to recording the most dynamic part of my life with you.


I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy living it!

*kawaii=かわいい=cute, having a pleasing or youthful appearance

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